Full Circle motivates staff and channels to sell more and deliver superb customer service

Every client expects:

  • A programme that delivers incremental business 
  • A programme structure which is flexible enough to adapt to tactical market conditions 
  • A theme which can carry the programme through such tactical changes 
  • A company which can accurately qualify the budget balance between: measurement, consistent monitoring, communication, reward, recognition, learning and impactfully launching to participants.

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Full Circle delivers extra, at no extra

  • Programmes that self-liquidate and deliver a sizeable ROI
  • Programmes that build long-term loyalty and embed values
  • Programmes that can motivate without reward
  • Costing transparency
  • And programmes that fire the imagination

Types of programme executed

Accurate measuring and monitoring is vital, however to be effective, performance measures needs to be ‘mirrored’ back to participants so that they really see what their performance looks like against their peers. This second stage of communication (or mirroring) needs to be regular and frequent engendering a desire to leapfrog peers in the same league. It is this leapfrogging that increases performance. At Full Circle we execute the following programme types:

  • UK salesforce
  • Pan-European salesforce
  • Staff recognition and engagement
  • Customer service
  • Training
  • Creating team culture
  • Standards improvement
  • Channel development

The service offering

Recent research reported in People Management 2013, has shown that bonuses and pay rises do not feature heavily in lists of incentives received by managers – in fact, the figures are 5 per cent and 9 per cent, respectively.

This would seem to indicate a greater role for dynamic motivation and sales incentive programmes in improving staff performance and company bottom line. Full Circle’s full service offering is highlighted below:

  • Overall concept creation
  • Programme planning
  • Programme management
  • Launching
  • Designing
  • Copywriting
  • Measuring and monitoring
  • Results reporting
  • Communicating (paper, email, SMS, web)
  • Rewarding and recognising
  • Award bank
  • Delivering ROI 


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