Our high quality streaming and download solutions are resilient and come with the promise of guaranteed delivery

Live event streaming

  • Live delivery of your video and audio in real time to any location in the world
  • Our live presentation system enables our clients to integrate video and audio with presentation materials, such as PowerPoint, realtime 3D graphics or a Q&A facility

On demand streaming

  • Media encoding - We support all major industry formats including: Quicktime, WMV, MPEG, DVD, VHS, DigiBeta.
  • Webcasting - We can provide you with delivery access to our content networks or deliver the whole package including the website portal.
  • Our presentation system can be used for both live events and on demand (by either your remote attendees or subscribers to the event).

Supporting services

  • Post production, video intro graphics or realtime 3D graphics to bring your presentations to life.
  • Statistics and audit - our tracking system provides daily statistics on usage and delivery types i.e. live streaming, on demand etc.
  • The Tagging feature enables video to be tagged in real time or retrospectively, so that sections of video can be accessed according to tag description.

3D Rendering

Motion Capture

Augmented Reality